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  • Developed through scaled models of ICT Integration
    STEM skills are increasingly required to meet 21st century
    social, environmental and economic needs’


For schools to develop into effective and transformative entities facilitating quality teaching and learning, the focus must be on the school as a whole unit of change (Harris 2002) and targeting all areas: the classroom,
teachers, leadership and governance.

The GESCI Digital Schools of Distinction (GDSD) framework encompasses a comprehensive whole school
approach incorporating ICT integration on a whole school basis to bring about better teaching and learning across the curriculum, which will prepare children to actively participate in the development of knowledge
societies and knowledge economies.

The GESCI Digital Schools of Distinction framework provides a pathway, guidelines and resources for participating schools to do more with the technology they have. Through the implementation of the framework GESCI will provide schools and their communities with the guidelines, professional development and tools to make progress from ‘e-initial’ to ‘e-confident’ to e-mature’ to attain the Digital Schools of Distinction status.

Expected outcomes are:

  •  A school leadership that supports an environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning and improves the planning and management of curricula and resources through the planned integration of ICT;
  • Collaborative work among members of the school community and stakeholders;
  • Hubs of excellence within particular counties and regions demonstrating how the use of technology can enrich and enhance learning, teaching and student achievement;
  • Better prepared youth equipped with 21st skills, with a greater proportion applying and graduating in STEM courses at university - an essential requirement for Knowledge Society development.

ADSI Project

DSD E-Confident Graduation in Kenya.
DSD E-Enabled graduation in Tanzania.
DSD E-Enabled graduation in Cote d'Ivoire

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