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Policies & Guidelines

GESCI strives to deliver 

  • Clear governance and organisation
  • Strategic and technical competence
  • Expertise and capabilities to effectively operate in a complex and dynamic environment
  • Internal policies and processes to ensure integrity, transparency, efficiency, and flexibility.


GESCI Strategy 2017- 2020

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This strategy was developed against the backdrop of a rapidly changing environment, with special attention given to the 17 new sustainable development goals (SDGs) the global community has set itself to achieve by 2030. Designing the new strategy also involved reflecting on what GESCI has achieved since its creation in 2004


GESCI Environmental Impact Assessment Policy

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An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed organisation or project may have on the environment. GESCI shares the concern of donors and partners about the impact of our work on the environment.


GESCI Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy Statement

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In administering its responsibilities GESCI is committed to high standards of accountability,openness and integrity. The Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy sets out how GSCI will manage risks that are associated with fraud and corruption and the procedures that are in place to encourage prevention, to promote detection and to allow a clear process for investigation and remedial action


GESCI Procurement Guidelines

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It is important that GESCI follows a clear, well defined and competitive procurement process in order to maintain transparency and value for money.


GESCI Financial Policies and Procedure Manual

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The manual sets out the principles involved in the management of GESCI ’s finances and gives some indication of how they are to be applied.



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Human Resources Policy_GESCI

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