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ADSI schools in Kiambu County,Kenya launch e-Learning Centres

Karuri High School and Muthiga Girls in Kiambu County, Kenya have launched e-learning centrehaving received ICT infrastructure donations from the Thika Alumni Trust.

The two schools are among the 20  secondary schools in the county that implemented our African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) programme whose objective was creating digital schools of distinction through ICT integration in teaching and learning.

The schools e-readiness status having achieved the e-Mature status in the GESCI Digital Schools of Distinction development pathway has enabled them to set up a digital library (developed during the ADSI Project implementation period) with content learners can access with or without a teacher.

The desktop computers, servers and the internet in a box technology will enable learners to access learning materials from various Open Educational Resources sites including the GESCI Students Resources for online learning portal.

Teachers are also equipped with ICT skills and they can develop various educational resources for use in the school and beyond.

The Regional Director of Education Central Kenya Mr. John Ololtuaa, County Director of Education Kiambu, Ms.Victoria Mulili and other education officials from the Teachers Service Commission and County Government were present at the launch in Muthiga Girls.

The Deputy County Commissioner Kiambaa Mr. Peter Maina attended the launch at Karuri High School.

Ituru Secondary School was the first school in the project to benefit from this donation in 2019.

A key aspect of the ADSI programme was institutionalisation and sustainability upon the lapse of the project implementation period and these launches proved that an ICT Culture has been fully adopted by the management, teachers and learners in the schools.

The GESCI students resources for online learning developed by teachers from the 80 secondary schools that implemented ADSI can be accessed at :

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