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A Day at Loreto Girls High School, Kiambu County

Loreto Girls High School located just a few metres from Kiambu town is one of the 80 secondary schools implementing the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme in Kenya.
Nairobi, 12th March 2019: GESCI and a team from The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE) visited Loreto Girls High School.PSIPSE is a funder collaborative that seeks to increase secondary education access and improve learning outcomes for marginalized populations. Loreto is an extra county school sitting on slightly over 12 hectares of land.The school has 1,350 students and 65 teachers with two deputy principals one dealing with academic matters and the other dealing with administrative issues.The school principal, Mrs. Anne Mbaya was a delightful as she welcomed the team into the school.She mentioned that the students in the school are aged between 15-18yrs. Having implemented ADSI for 3 years now, the school boasts of a staff full of ICT literate teachers and a vibrant bunch of students.The school communicates with parents through an automated message feature which informs them when their daughters have left school and when they get back to school it informs them when they arrive, all exam results,papers are typed and printed in the school.The school has WI-FI in the Computer Lab and Staff-room and working on installation of WI-FI hot spots in the whole school. Short interviews conducted with the students revealed that learning with technology has played a role in improving their performance and innovative projects carried out, participation in class prepares them for university education and the job market as a whole. GESCI looks forward to further engagement with the school and watching it become a Digital School of Distinction.The ADSI Project is funded by Mastercard Foundation and is under in implementation in Tanzania and Cote d'Ivoire as well.

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