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Tanzanian Government Lauds GESCI Programme, Promises Continuity.

GESCI in partnership with The Ministry of Education Science and Technology in Tanzania and President's Office - Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG ) kicked off implementation of the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme in 2017 reaching out to 40 secondary schools in Pwani and Morogoro regions. ADSI is an innovative ICT in education initiative which seeks to transform secondary schools into Digital Schools of Distinction through whole-school integration of ICTs.40 participating schools were recently awarded for successfully completing the e-confident stage in the DSD development pathway as per the GESCI ICT Integration roadmap.  Speaking during the Award Ceremony in Pwani Region, Coast Regional Education Officer, Hadija Mcheka said “ ADSI has ensured the selecyted schools have laptops,projectors and routers for internet.We want this to spread to more schools and the government will ensure the schools get more equipment to meet the growing student needs.” Ms Mcheka further added “ We are fully part of ADSI and we will pick up from where GESCI stops as the programme implementation period comes to an end.” Speaking on behalf of GESCI CEO, ADSI Project Coordinator Pwani Region Bahati Juma said “We are grateful to the Ministry for allowing GESCI to implement this programme.If they did not allow to attend trainings, to practice skills learnt, it would be in vain.GESCI looks forward to more teacher professional development trainings and improving teaching and learning in all schools across Tanzania.” A principal from one of the participating schools lauded the ADSI programme for changing how things are done in her school indicating that learning has been made enjoyable hence easy to understand. The ADSI Programme which is also under implementation in Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire is funded by Mastercard Foundation Canada.

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