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  • African Knowledge Exchange Programme 2016
    African Knowledge Exchange (AKE) 2016
    Leveraging GESCI’s expertise and knowledge
    to support
    the up skilling of creative and artistic youth

AKE 2016 - A creative Media venture

Our AKE Programme for 2016 invites talented young people to apply for a limited number of places on our creative digital media venture which includes Mobile games and Apps development, Sound and Music creation, Animation, cultural exploration and storytelling.

The GESCI AKE Programme 2016, leverages our expertise and knowledge to support the up-skilling of creative and artistic youth to work and participate in the development of the digitally enabled cultural enterprise arena.


This years AKE programme will cover four core areas of Digital Creative Media production. It will provide the participants, young entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to focus on four central objectives of the project:

  1. Access to the full range of digital media equipment, software and tools in GESCI’s digital media production studio to allow participants to improve their creative media skills in an inter-related and collaborative environment involving animation, games design and apps and sound &music production.
  2. Identification, selection and development of multi-media projects which have promising commercial potential in themselves and also have blueprinting or replicable potential in the marketplace.
  3. Provide consultancy, advice and external mentoring on start-up formation.
  4. Living Lab designed active research throughout the project with the objective of developing a new and unique training and enterprise model which integrates creative digital media skills development, product identification and its development as potentially commercial and start-up(s) established.

Collaborative Learning

Working in creative pre-production teams, participants will up-skill, as appropriate, on practical skills in either

  • animation
  • digital media
  • creative sound
  • mobile games and apps development

Through co-creation, project based work and consultant support the pre-production teams will enhance and refine skills and explore products and services that may be commercialised or provide a stepping stone to enterprise development.

Students will leave the training programme with:

  • a portfolio which demonstrates their skills and talents in visual and digital media
  • experience of working in a creative team environment which explore innovative ideas and
  • applications of visual and digital media at a pre-production level
  • linkages with creative entrepreneurial actors and networks
  • knowledge of how small enterprises in creative media are created / set-up
  • an understanding of the digital media and culture interface and the possibilities this offers for new applications, processes and products

Animation Work Produced by 2016 Cohort

Animation Tutorial

Sponsor Kuruka

Hera of Nangwe

The Hunter Kenya

What 21st Century Students need from their Education System


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