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Enseignement Des Tic Et Des Stim

Implementable and scalable initiatives for ICT integration in education to address the gaps and inadequacies in schools’ science, technology, English and mathematics teaching provision, critical for social, economic and knowledge society development

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DCTP et compétences numériques et entrepreneuriat chez les jeunes

Empowerment of youth through ICT- Infused Technical and Vocational Skills Development (TVSD) and entrepreneurship development for employment and self-employment 

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Leadership pour le développement durable

Leadership capacity building to design and implement knowledge-based social and economic policies, strategies and programmes which will contribute to the realization of key identified SDG goals

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Développement professionnel de l’enseignant

Rigorous and scalable models for the integration of ICT in teacher professional development to improve quality and relevance of education provision and learning outcomes 

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Apprentissage communautaire

Relevant learning opportunities provided to marginalized groups and communities in informal environments

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L’éducation dans un environnement de crise

Technology-driven education opportunities for children living in refugee camps

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Services spécialisés

Expertise in the areas of monitoring, evaluation and impact research, policy and strategy advice and models of ICT integration in education and training systems

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Ce Que Nous Faisons

La mission de GESCI consiste à s'engager auprès des gouvernements et des partenaires à fournir des conseils d'ordre stratégique, pour favoriser le développement et la mise en œuvre de modèles de bonnes pratiques sur les TIC pour un enseignement et une éducation de qualité.

Nous œuvrons également pour le développement de capacités effectives de leadership et le développement d’une société du savoir à tous les niveaux des pays en développement

Les dirigeants et les gestionnaires en Afrique voulant faire avancer l’Agenda des ODD sont invités à rejoindre le Réseau de Leadership pour le Développement Durable (LN4SD)

De plus amples informations sur le LN4SD et comment y participer sur

Dernières nouvelles

Digital Creative Media (DCM) Up–skilling and Enterprise development African Knowledge Exchange (AKE): A Creative Media Venture

We are inviting talented young people to apply for a limited number of places on our creative digital media venture which includes Mobile games and…

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Kenyan Schools achieve Digital Schools of Distinction Status

All the schools worked on a whole-school ICT integration aspect using the GESCI ICT Integration Roadmap and Guidelines. Going through a phased…

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Implementation of the African Digital Schools Initiative as at October 2020

In 2016, GESCI through its African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme started off on a journey to transform 80 secondary schools in Kenya…

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mEducation Alliance 2020 Virtual Symposium

Registration is now open for the #2020mEdSymposia to be held on 14th – 16th September. Focusing on the Play and Technology for Lifelong Learning theme, the event,  Play Every Day, brings together an amazing line-up of 70+ presenters from around the world highlighting a range of tech and non-tech…

Mobiles for Education Alliance

The 2019 mEducation Alliance Symposium seeks to address how enhancing digital literacy acquisition, instruction, and extension leads to improved national and community development outcomes.

Digital Schools of Distinction Workshop and Graduation

80 secondary school principals will be trained on implementation of the e-Mature phase of the Digital Schools of Distinction (DSD)Development Pathway as their schools graduate for successfully achieving all requirements of the e-Confident phase.

GESCI at the Innovating Education in Africa Expo

GESCI has collaborated with the African Union Commission and other partners to organize the 2019 Innovating Education in Africa taking place in Gaborone Botswana from 20-22 August, 2019. The Expo's theme is "Harnessing the capacity of ICT to ensure Inclusion, Quality and Impact in Education and…

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