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GESCI's Community of Practice

In 2016, GESCI launched the Leadership Network for sustainable Development to ensure continuity of communication and collaboration among the ALICT/LATIC alumni. The LN4SD has played a pivotal role in ensuring policy and decision makers, researchers and key actors share knowledge to stimulate collective leadership capacities. In the last Quarter of 2019, GESCI agreed to expand the network by including teachers who are participating in the African Digital Schools Initiative to the network. This allows teachers from Kenya, Tanzania and Côte d’Ivoire to share various practices that enhance 21st century skills while teaching STEM and other subjects. At this time when the world is dealing with the effects of the pandemic, the Community of practice is one platform where leaders, industry players, teachers are able to access, share and discuss ways to enable governments and institutions manage the adverse effects caused by COVID19. We encourage all participants to share best practices and lessons learnt in delivering training and learning remotely, partners can share content to our email address. We shall share with members of the GESCI Network

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