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GESCI participates in the RELI/KICD Teacher Education Workshop

GESCI joined other members and Kenya country Leaders of the Regional Education and Learning Initiative (RELI), Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) officials and members of the Education Taskforce for a two days’ workshop with) established a two-day workshop in Nairobi.  The workshop brought together organizations focused on Teacher Professional Development and government to share lessons from their work, new designs, and a series of evidence relevant to the themes of Teacher Education, and Teacher Professional Development (as it pertains to the implementation of Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). The presentations were expected to spur discussion, and allow all stakeholders present to plan collaboratively for further action. ADSI Kenya Country Manager presented GESCI’s experiences from their Teacher Professional Development (TPD) with a specific focus on ICT integration. The meeting also validated the new Teacher Education Curriculum Framework (TECF)

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