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Ecole Numérique d'Excellence Africaine (ENEA) Programme Partners Meeting

The Ministry of National Education and Technical Training of Côte d’Ivoire, together with GESCI (Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative), met to review the implementation of ENEA; to propose strategies to sustain the programme in Côte d’Ivoire and to review the progress and experience of ENEA in 20 secondary schools in the regions of Abidjan and Yamoussoukro. The programme started in April 2017 and is set to end in March 2020.  The programme Partners group consists of senior Ministry officials including directors at national and regional levels, a school head representative as well as national partners, the Ivorian Teacher School Association and the national Commission for UNESCO. ENEA set out to implement a sustainable and replicable model of digital whole school development in secondary education which would lead to improved students’ 21st century skills development, higher learning outcomes and readiness for the knowledge economy workplace. ENEA provides a critical focus on the use of ICT to promote innovative practice in Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM) and other subjects. ENEA is unique to Africa as an innovative program to transform secondary schools into Digital Schools of Distinction. The Programme Partners’ meeting, in the context of current country policies, strategies and priority areas, reviewed the lessons learnt and policy recommendations emerging from the implementation of ENEA, identified the sustainable elements of ENEA programme and approved integration strategies that could be supported by them for scaling up into national programmes. Jerome Morrissey, CEO of GESCI, said: “We are very happy to work with H.E. Kandia Kamissoko Carmara, Minister of National Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training of Côte d'Ivoire, and her officials who are very successfully implementing ENEA on a daily basis. It is my fervent wish that we will continue our collaboration on the programme” "Let's not raise our children for today's world. That world will no longer exist when they grow up. And there's no telling what their world will be. So let's teach them to ADAPT." Maria Montessori

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