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Regional Education Leaders Meeting held in Nyamira County, Kenya

GESCI held a successful meeting with education stakeholders and principals from schools implementing the ADSI Programme in Nyamira County, Kenya. The ADSI programme model incorporates capacity building for teachers using the ICT Competency Framework for Teacher Professional Development, Technology Pedagogy for content creation, embedding 21st Century Skills across the curriculum and whole school transformation through the five thematic actions towards achieving Digital Schools of Distinction (DSD) status. The meeting provided a platform to discuss the sustainability and scaling up aspect of the programme given that it is getting into its final year of implementation under GESCI. Speaking at the meeting, Education Director, Nyamira County Ms. Margaret Mwirigi said “We are grateful to GESCI and Mastercard Foundation for running the project in our county.I encourage principals to ensure daily ICT use in all sectors and departments in the schools. We are committed to ensure the project is scaled up to more schools and sustained in the current 20 schools.” Esther Mwiyeria, Country Project Manager Kenya reminded the participants that ADSI is a whole-school model that is why GESCI seeks the involvement of teachers, students, parents, Boards of Management, Heads of Departments in schools, Teachers Service Commission and all other players in education. 10 schools implementing the ADSI Project in Nyamira County were among the top 20 in the Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE) 2019 exams. The county has 198 secondary schools. The principals attribute the improvement in performance to use of ICTs in teaching and learning through the ADSI programme. GESCI has since 2016 implemented the ADSI Programme in 80 secondary schools in Kenya. Over 40,000 students and 2000 teachers have benefited from the project.

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