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Call for Submission of Presentation Proposals

The submission should not exceed one (1) page and should contain the following:

  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Role of the presenter in the project
  3. Region covered by the programme/project
  4. Alignment to the general theme and sessions
  5. Explanation concerning what is innovative in the programme/project
  6. Relevance in terms of development issue/challenge addressed by the programme/project
  7. Alignment to 2030 Global Agenda / Africa’s Agenda 2063 / African Union Commission strategies / national policies and or other strategies
  8. Description of the main component of the programme/project
  9. Explanation on how the programme/project’s impact was measured
  10. Description of the lessons learned and their relevance in terms of informing policy/programme

The proposals can be made for the following themes:

  • Young Africans’ perspectives on the future of skills and jobs
  • African Youth, digital competencies and creative media: “from skills to market” - New approaches for youth empowerment through digital skills and entrepreneurship: addressing the skills gap and fostering inclusive growth
  • Empowering young women and girls through digital skills
  • Conventional and emerging technologies (i.e. Virtual Realities, Open Educational Resources, Gamification, Robotics, Open Badges, etc.) - trends in skilling youth for new and future jobs?
  • The role of technologies in developing youth skills in situations with budget restrictions, low capacity of the work force, fragile environments and conflict regions and post-conflict

Additional information:

  • Submissions must be sent to
  • Selected applicants notified: 15th December 2017
  • Final Presentations due: 5th January 2018 (Selected presentation do not exceed 15 min)
  • Only selected applicants will be contacted
  • Selected applicants will need to cover all the costs of their participation (e.g. travel, accommodation, meals, insurance, visa, etc.)

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