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AKE 2016 -A Creative Media Venture: End of Skilling Phase

It has been three months since the training and up-skilling phase of AKE’s ‘A Creative Media Venture project’ began. A total number of 20 students have made it to the 2nd Phase where they will interact with clients and more skilled individuals.
The Skilling Phase came to an end on Friday 24th June where participants from the three groups i.e. Animation, Games and Apps and the Music and Sound Production teams were able to showcase some of the Games they have been working on for the past three months. The Mobile games and Apps team is working on a mobile game and App called Sponsa. This App will provide mobile users with a chance to play the Sponsa game. The Music and Sound Production team recorded four tracks for the ' Dreamer' album that they will be compiling and they hope to ensure the album has 10 tracks in the next phase One FM, a local FM radio station has requested for the four tracks and they will be played from this week The Games team was able to develop 4 games - Football penalty shootout game, Bowling in the Woods,golf and Rounders. – up to level two of playing. The games will be finalized with all levels within the next few weeks. The Animation class produced a number of advertisements that they will be polishing in the next phase. The also partnered with other AKE participants to make an animation video dubbed “Sponsa.” GESCI ‘s CEO, Jerome Morrissey, who attended the event reminded the participants the importance of being original by incorporating the African culture in all the animations, the games and music tracks they will produce. Mr. Morrissey also stressed the importance being innovative in all the services and products developed which they hope to sell. GESCI‘s AKE skilling program aims at curbing unemployment among the youth.

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