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2nd Ministerial Meeting on ICT Integration in Education and Training

GESCI is partnering with ADEA, AfDB, UNESCO, Intel and Microsoft to organise the 2nd Ministerial Forum on ICT Integration in Education and Training in Africa on ‘Advancing inclusive knowledge societies in Africa, Implementing Africa’s agenda 2063 and the SDGs’. (Abidjan, June 8-9, 2016)
Approximately 150 participants are expected, including 20 African Ministers of Education, ICT and Science and Technology.

The Ministerial Forum on ICT Integration in Education and Training is a platform for regional high-level policy dialogue and knowledge sharing on how to effectively and efficiently integrate ICTs to:

  • Provide universal access to quality education and relevant lifelong learning opportunities to all Africans
  • Equip learners with skills that empower them to become full actors of knowledge society
  • Promote, through education, a culture of digital literacy and creativity necessary for Africa to build innovation capacity.
Panels will explore the following themes:
  • Empowering marginalized populations through ICT-driven education initiatives
  • ICT applications in STEM teaching/learning
  • ICTs and TVSD for youth employment and entrepreneurship: promising models
  • ICT integration, distributed Leadership and policy coherence
  • Inclusive knowledge societies and the role of Education and ICTs

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