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6 August 2015

ALICT alumni wins global award!

Esther Gacicio, an alumni of the African Leadership in ICT (ALICT) programme is one of the 2015 winners for the 'Excellence in eLearning' award at the Global Learntech Awards held at the World Education Congress in July. The aim of the awards is to recognize best in the field, and to benchmark educational and learning practices. “Your leadership and contribution to the field of Education is well known. The position that you occupy in the fraternity is strategic and iconic. As a thinker and doer you are a role model and a believer in change,” read the message from the Jury and Council of Board Members of the award. continue reading >

23 June 2015

Finland-Kenya 50 years of diplomatic relations

An event to mark Finland-Kenya 50 years of diplomatic relations was held at the Zen Gardens on 10 June 2015. Under the theme ‘From Rhetoric to Reality - Celebrating the Gains of Women's Political Participation and Economic Empowerment in Kenya and Finland’, this event brought together members of the diplomatic corps, government official and leading women personalities. continue reading >

28 May 2015

GESCI contributes to global debate on ICT & Education

2015 is a key year for global development. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are currently being reviewed and new sustainable goals are being formulated for the next 15 years. The Education For All (EFA) initiative is also being reviewed, outcomes evaluated and new achievable goals are being formulated for the next 15 years which will have profound effects on both quality and access to education in the developing world (Education for All (EFA) and on the important role that ICT will play in achieving this goal. continue reading >

18 May 2015

Kenyan students awarded in project-based learning

Outstanding secondary students and teachers’ who participated in project-based learning under the Strengthening Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (SIPSE) project were honoured Thursday 14 May 2015 during the national policy workshop held at the Kenya School of Government, Nairobi. The awards presented recognised the best project-based learning projects in STEM subjects from two counties in Kenya under the SIPSE programme. From 20 February to 27 March 2015, students carried out competitive educational projects in Biology, Math, English, Chemistry, Physics and ICT with the support of their teachers building up to the awards ceremony. continue reading >

5 May 2015

SIPSE policy workshops in Tanzania

What have we done? What impact have we made? What have we learned? How will we use what we have learned to inform future interactions? These questions were posed by Patti Swarts, GESCI’s Director of Programmes during the Strengthening Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (SIPSE) national policy workshop in Mwanza, Tanzania on 29 April 2015. The purpose of the workshop was to develop policy recommendations on issues around integration of ICT in secondary education in Tanzania based on lessons from the implementation of the SIPSE project. Participants deliberated on trends in education in developing countries – especially the growing demands on teacher curriculum delivery in relation to student-teacher ratios and advances in technology. The national workshop was preceded by a regional workshop at Butimba Teachers’ College on 28 April 2015. Both were organized around learnings from SIPSE monitoring and evaluation research findings, and brought together teachers, students, school heads, SIPSE team leaders, SIPSE master trainers and regional education managers. continue reading >